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Timber Facades – Glulam – Natural design with sustainable material

Timber Facades

Facades form the external appearance of the building and transport the architectural concept to the outside. Timber as a material offers a variety of design options in terms of materiality and shape without having to renounce the aspect of sustainability.
Timber is becoming increasingly attractive in the city and is, in time of global warning, a major possibility to store CO2. With a timber facade, new buildings can represent an image of sustainability and saving resources. To realize durable structures, we consider the rules of constructional timber protection or recourse to innovative products.

Timber effect

Wood as a material offers a special quality for the external representation. Besides the aesthetic ageing, wood has a wide scope of design, especially in urban areas.

Glue-Laminated Timber

New dimensions in Timber

The achievement of the glulam production has revolutionized the timber industry and laid the foundations for modern timber engineering. As an industrially produced and standardized product, it is particularly well suited for load-bearing structures with large spans. The individual bonded, technically dried boards are usually made of softwood, but other types of wood are used more and more due to the necessary changes in sustainable forestry.
The higher carrying capacity compared to conventional timber and the variable dimensions with girder lengths of over 45 meters make glulam a powerful material. Efficient curved or components with variable cross-section can be produced. In addition to the single axis of curvature, it is also possible to manufacture spatially curved components.When planning glulam constructions all calculations and details are carried our according to the current Euro-code 5 and all the advantages of the material are considered so that timber construction projects can be implemented aesthetically and economically.

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