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BeautexWood is an Indian Supplier of high-quality and sustainable timber cladding, decking, and other products.

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Trusted by Architects since 1963

BeautexWood is an Indian supplier of high-quality sustainable timber cladding, decking, and other products.
We have been supplying building elements to both domestic and trade sectors for 6 decades now. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products and excellent technical expertise. As such, we are happy to advise you on every step of your new building or renovation project.
An offshoot of a legacy business founded by Late Swaranjit SIngh Dhody in 1963, the current avatar of BeautexWood is the brainchild of Ranjit Dhody. 

It would also be prudent to add that BeautexWood reflects

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Clearly, wood and wood products are the closest the modern-day lifestyle can get to nature and BeautexWood is the name of repute that makes this happen.

Cladding & Facade, Ceiling & Decking, Screen & Louvers, Timber Structures & Solutions, Wood Care products – you name it, BeautexWood’s got it. Quality, world-class offerings and design, and fine finish are the hallmarks of our outstanding range of offerings. Satisfied customers are, thus, a natural consequence. They are also the reason why smiles on the faces of every employee at Beautex Wood are perennially intact.

To sign off, Beautex Wood has a global presence and a balanced network of associates and inventory management in place. This makes Beautex Wood a definitive choice for projects across the world. In addition to the high-end wood products we offer, we also provide impeccable and efficient service that saves both time and energy on your end.

BeautexWood celebrates the kingdom of trees that makes the world we live in aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, wood keeps us humans in touch with nature like no other artificial material or metal can. As a conscious company, we offer wood solutions that are planet healthy and people happy.

Our Values

We strive to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality where we consider your requirements in great detail to provide a solution that works for you. Creativity requires passion, and that is something we have in abundance.

We believe in bringing traditional craftsmanship together  with new technologies to build a sustainable future. We aim to create and provide sustainable products to our customers. It is important for us to build structures with low energy usage and a low carbon footprint.

We continue to expand our horizons by exploring new products and technologies in the field and in turn, are then able to offer advanced and innovative materials to our customers. We do not believe in standing still, and although we are timber-frame specialists, this is only one of the many products we can include in the design and building process.

We aim to provide you with a high-quality product and impeccable service which will exceed your expectations on completion, every single time. It is important for us, after all, that our customers get their money’s worth and feel they have invested wisely in a space that they can enjoy for years to come.

Our Team

We are a growing team of craftspeople who not only have a wealth of experience and knowledge but who care about our company and you as our customers. We realise that the starting point of a construction project can be daunting, however, no matter how large or small, we are always there to support you in finding the right solution.

Ranjit Dhody


I found an early affinity with wood. To this day, I am amazed at what next can be made with wood and wonder what the future holds for us.

As a newbie in the building & interior industry in 1998, I found an early affinity with the material wood and then made a conscious decision to work with the material. In this respect, I was fascinated from the very start by the natural affinity all humans have for wood. I learned how wood is processed in a technically advanced way across the globe. The outcome was natural wood products meeting new world demands in the building & construction industry. To this day, I am amazed at what next can be made with wood & wonder what the future holds for us

Ranjit Dhody | BeautexWood

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