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Plain Wood Base: Grow’s Innovative, Adaptable, All-Timber Sports Clinic by IHRMK

Grow, a recreational Healthcare company, opened doors to it’s humble sports clinic sitting at the edge of the national highway in 2017.

The company decided to reach out to a 2015 founded Japanese architectural studio IHRMK, with their vision of a clinic that follows their sustainable ethos, lives up to their desire to accommodate group classes as per the requirement, all the while acting as a center for treating sports injuries and providing relaxation as well.


Plain Wood Base 1 | BeautexWood

Whew, huh?

That’s a lot to fit into a single project. Oh, and did we mention that the budget for the whole project sat at a modest JPY 10 million (EUR 82,000)

Well, IHRMK took the challenge on and proposed a simple timber construction to satisfy all three factors as set by their client, Grow.


Plain Wood Base 6 | BeautexWood


Aptly named Plain Wood Base, the building’s exterior is as simple as it gets. Although very beautiful in it’s simplicity, it blends in with the surroundings with it’s humble architecture as a plain, house-shaped box. In fact, it looks very much like an extremely well-kept but abandoned house.


Plain Wood Base 4 | BeautexWood


But, as it’s often the case, appearances can be deceptive. As you enter the building, it’s interior is very minimalistically yet innovatively designed, keeping it’s aesthetic true to the originality of timber, both in it’s colour and construction.

The adaptability of the building is what further amazes. The clinic’s design has been meticulously approached and finished, keeping timber components as it’s standard and ultimate material, both for trusses and the exposed stud walling.


Plain Wood Base 5 | BeautexWood


Timber beams have been erected within the building to provide better stability to the structure. The ceiling has been further divided with railings to section off parts for private sports therapy sessions.

IHRMK’s intuitive design-approach and imagination is evident in the design. Every little thing has been taken care of, from the finishing to the lighting that creates a warm and welcoming glow.

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