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the  Gen W

Let’s revive and enjoy wood! As much as we can,
Regardless of the style and use.

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WOOD for every HUMAN

Put simply, BeautexWood exists to help create a more beautiful, sustainable future in the built environment. With over 6 decades of experience in the building material industry, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products and excellent technical expertise. Our highly trained experts are happy to advise you along every step of your project

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Each piece of wood is a blank canvas for us to create your perfect masterpiece.
Let us help you turn your idea into a reality!

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Browse our range of high-quality, sustainable timber cladding, decking and other timber solutions.

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Reimagine the possibilities of wood in the built environment. We’ll show you how wood can elevate your projects (literally), meet budgets, achieve sustainability goals, and create awe-inspiring structures.


BeautexWood has been proven to provide the best sustainable solution for your home. Check out this video to reconnect with nature and turn your dark future into a green one 💚

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Specializing in building technologies that offer unlimited design concepts in easy to install, lightweight assemblies.

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