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Timber Solutions

Modern Construction calls for innovative
and strong product performance

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We deliver products that touch people’s lives every day. We’ve been developing new building products and solutions for more than 6 decades. We’re your source for value-added solutions that improve performance, safety, and profitability. From builders and dealers to specifiers and homeowners, we offer exceptional product performance and unparalleled support. Build your reputation with BeautexWood.

Timber Solutions

Decking Planks 1 | BeautexWood
Decking Planks
Glulam Beam 1 | BeautexWood
Glulam Beams
Thermowood Louvers | BeautexWood
Thermowood Louvers
builders warehouse ofipe2x2sm bison ipe wood deck tile smooth 2x2 1 | BeautexWood
Decking Tiles
Wooden Batten | BeautexWood
Wooden Batten
Weathertex Selflok Ecogroove 150 Woodsman Primed | BeautexWood
Ecogroove 150 Woodsman Primed
Weathertex Selflok Ecogroove 150 Woodsman Natural | BeautexWood
Ecogroove 150 Woodsman Natural
Weathertex Selflok Vgroove 150 Woodsman Natural | BeautexWood
Vgroove 150 Woodsman Natural
Weathertex Weathergroove 75 Natural | BeautexWood
Weathergroove 75 Natural
Weathertex Weathergroove 150 Natural | BeautexWood
Weathergroove 150 Natural
Aquadeck Natural | BeautexWood
Aquadeck Natural
Integrain | BeautexWood
Intergrain Natural Stain
Glulam C Clamp | BeautexWood
Glulam C Clamp
Hidden Decking Fastener Aluminum | BeautexWood
Hidden Decking
Fastener Aluminum
0000s 0007 Group 3 | BeautexWood
Post Footing
Aluminium Frames | BeautexWood
Aluminium Frames
Paint roller | BeautexWood
Oil Roller
Roller Tray | BeautexWood
Oil Tray
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