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Deck Renovation should I stain or oil my deck | BeautexWood

Deck Renovation: should I stain or oil my deck?

Decks are a wonderful addition to a house – an ideal place to create terrariums and spend time with nature. Wooden decks can be made either from solid timber or an engineered composite. In both cases, necessary upkeep is required to maintain its visual appeal.

To keep on the shine, decks can be either oiled or stained. However, there is some debate as to which is the best choice and most suited to homeowners. Both of them are different processes that affect and preserve the wood underneath in different ways. Here’s an analysis to help you make an informed decision about your home.


Oiling the Deck

Oiling is a preventative measure that penetrates the wooden grains and provides protection from within. It contains wax, UV blockers and colouring components that can repel dirt and prevent the timber from turning dark. They also prevent the wood from cracking, warping or peeling by preventing moisture ingress.

Cabots Aquadeck Natural Exterior Decking Oil is a low-odour decking oil that lasts twice as long as any regular decking oil. Its water-based formula makes it an ideal choice for those looking a water repellent decking oil. It also blocks UV rays that can slow the ageing of wood.

It has a fast recoat application time of only two hours and forms a protective acrylic barrier that will leave your deck with a glossy, semi-transparent finish. Once a deck has been oiled, it cannot be stained until the oil is completely stripped away.


How to Stain Wood in 7 Easy Steps |®

Staining the Deck

Decking stains are similar to varnishes that create a plastic-like film on the surface of the deck to protect it from weather elements. This is good for decks that undergo a good amount of foot traffic. However, staining the deck can give it a coloured shade and reduce the natural visibility of the wooden grains. It prevents peeling or flaking of food and reduced adhesion of dirt and grit to the grooves.

Intergrain Ultradeck Stain by Beautex Wood is a water-based transparent oil for long-lasting protection. It can resist staining, water absorption and its unique Hydroguard technology can stand tough weather condition. It can also withstand a good amount of foot traffic. Intergrain Ultradeck Stain is available in the shades of – Natural, Jarrah, Merbau and Spotted Gum. It requires a four hour time to dry before application of the second coat and requires a total of 7 days curing time.

Yearly maintenance must be conducted on decks. For re-oiling or staining, the older layer must be completely and properly removed especially if the next layer will be different. These can be oil-based or water-based and not every wood is compatible with different kinds of oils. So make sure to conduct proper survey and prepare the wooden surface before applying the coats.

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