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Protecting and Restoring your Deck to keep it like New | BeautexWood

Protecting and Restoring your Deck to keep it like New

Is the weather wearing down your deck or dock and making it appear as if it were dirty? Is it changing its color? Are you considering building a new dock because it seems too much work to restore it? Well, here is some good news. It is not so difficult to be able to do a little restoration. Now there are products on the market that can help you not only restore it but also protect your furniture to enjoy it for several years.

Do not be shocked. It is very easy to restore your furniture and bring it to its natural color. Here are some tips from the experts in products to care for the wood.

The first step is quite simple. Clean the dirt and gray wood with an acid-free and biodegradable cleaner, such as the Aqua Deck cleaner. Its fast-acting foam can loosen and lift dirt, stains and gray decorations in 10 minutes or less. It also cleans and restores the wood to bring it to its original appearance without damaging the surface of the wood. It’s not bad at all. 10 minutes doesn’t seem like much time to invest.

Step two requires a little more work. Protect your deck against mold, water damage and decay using a finishing preservative such as Wolman’s premium wood preservative and finish. It guarantees to be able to repel water and will protect it against rot and the passage of time for up to four years. This type of products is available in four easy-to-apply single-layer finishes such as gilded pine, natural, cedar and red wood. With this range of shades, I’m sure it won’t be difficult to find one that matches your dock.

The last step is one that I am sure will not bother you: take out your patio furniture and enjoy your new deck. Don’t forget to turn on the barbecue or grill. If you have more questions, you can always visit your local hardware store and ask at expert homes for advice.

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