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Benefits of Exterior Wooden Wall Cladding | BeautexWood

Benefits of Exterior Wooden Wall Cladding | Timber Cladding

Wooden cladding have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners due to its durability, colour options and easy-maintenance. They can be used for both external and internal applications and form a protective layer on the building. They are not structural elements and hence carry no load. However, they are more than just decorative elements. They also help in aiding sound insulation. Wooden cladding can also be treated with fire retardant and anti-termite properties.

Exterior Wooden Wall Cladding

Weathergroove is the largest timber panel product available in INDIA and comes in a wide variety of choice ranging. The EcoWall WOODSMAN is one of their most versatile and durable products with flexible joining options and an uneven, rugged wooden texture. Their products have a third party certified Platinum GreenTag rating which makes them an environmentally-friendly choice. They are also a part of the Product Health Declaration and Declare labeling systems hence, their products contain no toxic materials.

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So, why choose EcoWall WOODSMAN from all the market available ranges? Here are a few reasons.

Colour and Texture

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Timber being a natural material inspires a feeling of timeliness and warmth. One can choose from a variety of textures and shades. EcoWall Woodsman Architectural panel comes with a natural grain texture that displays both knots and curves to provide a unique, wooden finish.

Is Exterior Wooden Wall Cladding Versatility?

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Properly seasoned wood can withstand a variety of weather exposures. There are also no vertical grooves on the panels which would otherwise collect dust. The panels can be joined both vertically and horizontally. Any gaps formed by joining the pieces can be removed by using H Mould Joiner or an Aluminium Vertical T Joiner.

Is Exterior Wooden Wall Cladding Environmental Friendly?

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 30 at 16.50.48 | BeautexWoodWood is a naturally sourced renewable material. All other options including glass, PVC, or cement can increase the carbon footprint of your home and in some cases (like glass) provide poorer insulation. Wooden cladding not only looks aesthetically pleasing but can be easily recycled, renewed or painted over to provide a whole new look! Due to the low wax percentage in the product, it is 100% recyclable as opposed to composite panels.

Is Exterior Wooden Wall Cladding Economical?

Weathergroove 150 Woodsman Primed 2 1 | BeautexWoodWooden cladding are among the cheapest options among their contemporaries. The cost per square foot of wooden cladding is much lower than glass or PVC. So you get to kill two birds with one stone. EcoWall is available in boards of dimensions 3660 mm x 1220 mm that weigh 44.7 kg each and thickness of 9.5 mm which makes it ideal for external applications.


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Benefits of EcoWall WOODSMAN:

All grooves can be hidden by using H Mould Joiners or an Aluminium Vertical T Joiners. The individual panels do not have any grooves on them.

Natural, rough wooden grain finish with patterns of knots and curves

Using EcoWall as external cladding comes with 25 years of protection for your home guaranteed.

The panels can be joined without using any glue or artificial binders. So there is no need to worry about toxic fumes. Overall, the cladding contain 97% wood and 3% wax only which makes it fully recyclable.

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