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How Should we take care of the Wood | BeautexWood

How Should we take care of the Wood

The wood is a living material that changes, not only when part of the tree, but when in our homes or buildings. At BeautexWood we always bet on this raw material, for its quality and appearance, but with the awareness that it is necessary to provide it with the appropriate care so that its aesthetics and durability are the best.

When wood is used as a construction or structural material, especially if it is in contact with the outside, with inclement weather, humidity or the ground; you have a higher risk of being attacked by agents who can destroy it. Inside, these problems are minor because it is protected from the elements and harmful organisms. Even so, the wood must be treated so that there are no inconveniences and this protection will depend on the situation of the wood, its exposure to the elements and the risk of fungi or insects.

When we talk about elements located inside the home, if there are no major pathologies, the fundamental concerns are: durability and appearance. Therefore, here are some tips to preserve the quality of wood products.

Wood care

It is vital to continuously maintain the material so that it maintains its aesthetics, shine and color the same as on the day of purchase. For this, it must be kept dust-free, stain-free and protected.

To clean any wooden surface, the best solution is to apply, with a cloth, a mixture of hot water and mild or neutral soap. It is necessary to dry it well afterwards so that it does not cause other problems.

In addition to the factory protection, it is advisable to apply, from time to time, and as long as it is clean. After letting it act for a few minutes, it will be necessary to polish the area by rubbing with a chamois. Just as we protect the wood from the outside, it is important to keep it away from the sun and high temperatures if we do not want it to change the color of the finish or damage it.

Homemade tricks to clean wood

With products that we normally have at home, we can protect and fix the damage to our furniture and coatings. Some of the most used remedies are:

  • The mixture of oil and lemon, in equal parts, helps the wood to regain the shine of the first day.
  • A little oil with alcohol helps to hide any scratches on the surface, in addition to giving it shine. Another trick is to apply shoe polish, being careful to choose the color of the grain if it has any pigmentation.
  • Undiluted white vinegar is good for removing grease from kitchen furniture. It is advisable to do it with a non-abrasive cloth as a scouring pad could scratch it.
  • Diluting ashes in oil and applying it to the surrounds produced by hot glasses helps to eliminate them. It is necessary that it be allowed to act before removing it with a cloth.

It is very important that in case of any doubt that could put a piece of wood at risk , we consult with a specialist. At Beautex Wood  we are at your disposal for any questions that may arise about the care of our products.

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