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Sep 2021


Glulam Beams





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    Ahmedabad (Eternity)

    The project included the beautiful use of wood species where all glulam components are known for their distinctive natural attributes including strength, durability, and beauty. Specifically, 33 glulam arches, each of which was 11 meters in length. Each beam had to be individually unpacked from its container by crane, stored onsite, prepared, and installed in sequence as roof arches via an onsite crane. This innovative wood technology used glue-laminated timber or glulam an engineered wood product that comprises layers of dimensional lumber bonded together with structural adhesives.

    The rapidly developing timber engineering sector has resulted in many high-performance engineered timber products coming to market. One of the first and most innovative products is glue laminated timber, more commonly known as glulam.

    Timber Solution – Glued Laminated Timber

    BeautexWood uses Glued Laminated Timber to form structural beams for use in roofing and vertical support.

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    Questions? About Glulam

    Yes – we are happy to receive any size order from a glulam lintel to a complete glulam warehouse.

    Yes – the embodied energy of timber is much lower than most alternate construction materials such as concrete and steel. The use of locally grown timber in particular can further reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the haulage impact. We also think there’s an argument to be made that there’s a benefit to increasing the use of locally grown timber to stimulate the economy of this sector – better prices for growers will lead to more trees being grown. We are certified to supply FSC® certified products sourced from responsibly managed forests. We are also certified to supply PEFC certified products from sustainably managed forests.

    When looking at strength to weight ratio, glulam is actually around 3 times stronger than steel! Steel does have a much higher allowable stress, so steel members tend to be smaller than the equivalent glulam member, but the glulam is usually lighter. Please refer to our load span tables or talk to one of our engineers if you want to calculate the size.

    Where steel distorts in high temperatures, the surface of timber will char at a known and predictable rate. This means glulam can be designed to have a certain time of fire resistance without the need to apply any further materials, whereas steel would need to be boxed in or have an intumescent paint.

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