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Brazilian Ash





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    Bengaluru (Flipkart Campus)

    Situated in Bellandur, Bengaluru, Flipkart Campus there are several amenities packed here. From smaller, creative collaboration spaces to active sports and food zones and to the surprising shop-like experiences, there is always something for everyone, in any nook and corner of the campus.

    While the lower levels was designated for experiences and recreational activities, Brazilian Ash was extensively used in the spaces which are created to help catalyse collaboration, innovation and the occasional brilliant idea during casual ‘on-the-street’ meetings.

    Decking –  Brazilian Ash

    BeautexWood uses Brazilian Ashwood, also known as Brazilian Ash, is a dense and naturally durable Brazilian timber.

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    Questions? About Brazilian Ash

    No, The high density of the wood makes it fire and bug resistant. Natural oils contained in the wood kill mites and spores, making it a great option for allergy sufferers as well.

    Yes, It has a Janka hardness of 1,630 lbf. This hardness makes it strong enough to hold up to use in the most high-traffic areas.

    Grapa has a 30+ years of life span naturally.

    Grapa’s natural resistance to heat makes it an ideal choice for installation over a radiant flooring base. It is actually one of the only hardwoods suitable for this type of installation, providing all-season warmth for bare feet.

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