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(The Ark)

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Apr 2022







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    Pune (The Ark)

    The Ark by Tribeca Developers is one of the most breathtaking architectural masterpieces of Pune city.  With a stunning visual appeal, The Ark’s aesthetic design vibes with the city’s bold and global appeal.

    More than 200 feet in height, this residential abode is a perfect display of the versatility that Weathertex offers.

    Timber solutions – Weathertex EcoWall

    BeautexWood uses Weathertex Ecowall to bring luxury and perfection to it’s best.

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    Questions? About Weathertex

    Weathertex guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for 25 years. It is tested any proven to withhold heavy rains and high temperature for over 50 years.

    Weathertex is the first product to receive Global GreenTag Platinum and Gold certificates. Is it also certified by PEFC, CodeMark, BRANZ Appraisal and ISO 9001.

    Weathertex can be used as an external wall cladding in bushfire attack levels up to including BAL 19 construction.

    Weathertex have a better than zero carbon foot print. There is more carbon sequestered in Weathertex than that emitted during the manufacture of the product itself. Even the water used for the production is recycled upto 7 times to maintain the water table of the area.

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