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DEYA – FORUM ATMOSTPHERE – A Floating Garden in Kolkatas Skyline 1 | BeautexWood

DEYA – FORUM ATMOSTPHERE – A Floating Garden in Kolkata’s Skyline

An Architectural Marvel

DEYA – FORUM ATMOSTPHERE – A Floating Garden in Kolkata’s Skyline

The Indian real estate sector is booming with some great works of architecture such as Cybertecture, Spire Edge, Park Hyatt, SymHomes Mk1, North Eye, World One etc. In the forthcoming wave of contemporary architecture is a great specimen called ‘Deya,’ which is a part of the project christened ‘Atmosphere,’ being recently announced by the Kolkata-based developer Forum Group.

Atmosphere will be a new architectural icon – a sculpture in the sky. The Rs.550 crore luxury residential condominium project will consist of two towers of 39-storey each and will be highest in Kolkata. The towers will have a total area of 400,000 square feet and will feature villas in the sky with garden on each duplex unit.

The most picturesque feature of the Atmosphere is the amorphous shape-shifting, tubular piece of floating sculpture called “Deya, (means cloud in Bengali) which is hanging between the twin towers at a height of 500 feet. Ipe wood, aka Brazilian walnut wood is one of the world’s most unique woods, is been used extensive for this project. Due to its hardness and stability Ipe is an excellent choice for Decking

Reasons for Choosing IPE for Decking option for Deya :
• Insect resistant
• Cool tempersture – it doesn’t absorb heat
• Repels wood rot & decay
• Does not wear off under heavy use
• Resists mold & fungus
• Outlasts composite materials
• Resists scratches & slivers
• It has increased slip resistance

Designed by the Singapore based Arc Studio, the magnificent hanging sculpture is intended to look like as if a cloud was gently floating between the peaks of the two towers. The structure will span more than 320 feet in width, 55,000 square feet of usable space and will have a silver lining featuring 15,000 kinetic discs on its surface to keep it glowing.

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