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IPE Flooring Option – Outdoor Decking – Importance, Tips, Pros

Ipe is a highly noble and resistant wood, the color of which can vary between brownish-brown and Havana-light-brown. Used in internal finishes, as in the case of ipe floors, in external constructions and in sporting goods, this wood is heavy, dull and with a fine texture, ideal for making floors, which make your home feel much more cozy. Its comfortable.

The ipe floor, which can be made in the shape of a cue or floor, is made up of solid wood rulers of different sizes, thickness and width, characteristics that qualify it as one of the noblest woods in the civil construction market. BeautexWood, who loves the charm of wood in decor, tells everything about the ipe floor. Learn all about this coating and enjoy all its beauty!

The Benefits of the Ipe Floor

In addition to being made of a very noble and resistant wood, the ipe floor has the advantage of being able to be sanded and renewed with varnish or resin after a few years of use. Refined, naturally beautiful and very versatile, the floor can be part of contemporary, romantic, modern and even retro environments . The style of the space will depend on the furniture and accessories applied in the room, which needs to be harmonious to offer warmth and comfort in the right measure.

Cleaning and Conservation of the Wooden Floor

Some care is essential so that your ipe floor is always beautiful and lasts for much longer. The first recommendation is to always clean it with a soft broom or vacuum cleaner, then wipe with a damp cloth with neutral detergent in the direction of the rulers and then a dry cloth. To avoid scratching the ipe floor, the ideal is to use felt or rubber protectors on chairs, tables, sofas, etc.

Ipe Floor Applications

Depending on the treatment the wood receives, the ipe floor can be applied indoors or outdoors, as in the case of a deck , for example. Indoors, a dining room looks lovely with a beautiful ipe floor combined with a vibrant carpet and refined furniture. In one room, the ipe offers a lot of comfort and well-being, in addition to being great for keeping the environment warm on the coldest days. In the living room, the ipe floor goes very well with lighter sofas, rugs that contrast with the dark tone of the wood and colorful accessories, which can be found on cushions , curtains , paintings , etc.

The ipe floor is one of the most appreciated wood coatings, either for its natural beauty or for its durability and versatility. When investing in this material, make sure that the furniture and accessories chosen by you form a harmonious pair with the ipe floor, which has everything to delight the residents of a residence. Betting on this coating is a bet of very good taste and refinement, believe me!

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