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How To Keep Your Wooden Deck Perfect

Extending the life of wood decks and keeping them longer with impeccable quality and appearance is possible. Caring for the material involves protecting it from external agents such as sunlight, moisture, fungi or insects that can damage surfaces.

If you have wooden roof in your house and  yout don’t  know how to treat them, we suggest that you take note of these interesting tips with which to extend their useful life.

Applying a protective layer to wooden decks or ceilings is a task that must be carried out at least every three years. For this step it is important to sand the previous layer always in the direction of the wood grain in order to eliminate imperfections or impurities. After this operation, it is necessary to clean the wood well and check that it does not have insect residues that could damage it. In this case you can apply a pesticide.

If your ceiling has any cracks, a good solution may be to cover it with special putty and let it dry, then sand it and give it a uniform appearance, leveling it with the rest of the wood.

Wood wax, varnish or paint are suitable materials to give a final coat of wood and thus achieve a perfect appearance.

In the case of your outdoor decking , if it has a wooden structure it can be cleaned with water and some cleaning product. Maintenance does not require so many efforts because  wood, when used outdoors, usually receives a waterproofing treatment that is carried out in the factory or a lasur is applied, a varnish that penetrates the pore of the material. The former is more common in pine wood and the latter in spruce.

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