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Seven Advantages of Using Wood Paneling Inside Your Projects | BeautexWood

Seven Advantages of Using Wood Paneling Inside Your Projects

The use of paneling in building interiors is very ancient, as is the history of architecture and construction. Despite the appearance of a large number of new materials with very high performance for construction and decoration, wood continues to be among the first options for most architects, engineers, decorators and interior designers. Here are 7 advantages of using wood paneling indoors:

DEST 223 revestimiento de madera en interiores wood panelling for interiors lambris pour interieurs 1 | BeautexWood

  1. It is natural and ancestral : it refers us to the primordial constructions of nature used by humanity: the holes in the trunks, the interior of large bushes or the natural wooden ceilings formed by intertwined tree branches.
  2. It is recyclable, ecological and renewable (it regenerates itself naturally), and also reusable . In addition, the market has wood with certifications such as PEFC or FSC that guarantee its origin from forests managed in a sustainable and ecological way with which high quality wood paneling for interiors is manufactured , such as those offered by the BeautexWood  catalog.
  3. It brings elegance and warmth , and it is timeless . Not old fashioned. Always like.
  4. Great resistance to shocks, tremors and the passage of time . Today , interior wood paneling has treatments that make it one of the most resistant materials for daily use.
  5. Insulation : wood is one of the best natural thermal and acoustic insulators , which is why wood cladding is so widely used in interior acoustic conditioning actions .
  6. It is a living material : natural wood adapts and changes over time, creaks and emits sounds that will be part of the soundtrack of your life, smells of nature and adapts to the climate and the passage of time
  7. It is a material with a future : there are more and more treatments for optimizing the behavior of wood in construction and decoration. In addition, experimentation is already being carried out with the integration of interior wood cladding with digital technologies. ( See “ The Decorative Wood Panels of the Future… Will They Be Our Next TV? ” )
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