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How Current Weathergroove Collection is Ideal for Home

Weathertex Weathergroove Natural 75 profiles are ideal complements to Weathertex’s current Weathergroove collection. The architectural flat-paneled weatherboards are a modern alternative to classic lapped planks, offering an attractive and functional option for residential and commercial buildings.

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Weathergroove Natural 75’s adaptability and flexibility set it apart from conventional cladding materials, allowing for an infinite number of unique curved designs without risking excessive expenditures.

External cladding and interior lining applications are ideal. The look is a new alternative to typical lapping planks and is well suited for the contemporary house, making it a favorite in the Weathertex family. Weathergroove Natural 75 weatherboards have the most basic horizontal shiplap connecting technique, allowing each boar to self-gauge. The exact routing results in the product’s attractive and distinctive ship-lapped profile, which is so popular.

Weathergroove Natural 75 doubles the horizontal grooves while maintaining every measure of durability and safety. It is on-trend and combines minimalist design with the strength of natural wood. Weathergroove Natural 75 board has a smooth flat surface finish and is suitable for both inside and outdoor usage. It is guaranteed not to rot, crack, or break.

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Weathergroove Natural 75 board is a natural unprimed board that has the properties and look of raw, naked wood. A woodgrain impression is created by pressing the Natural surface. Its rough deep cut design reveals all of the knots, fissures, and defects found in real wood. When the Natural surface is dyed, the appearance of new brown wood is preserved. The depth of color will vary depending on location and sun exposure when allowed to weather naturally. Weathertex is the only timber product that is guaranteed not to rot, split, or crack.

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