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Guide to look after Glulam / Glulam Care Instructions

Glulam looks fabulous as it weathers, with the natural patina of the timber growing over time. However, if you want to maintain it appearing clean and fresh forever and prevent it from aging, you need to take the following precautions to keep it in ‘new’ aesthetic condition.

Glulam has a high reputation for quality, durability, and long life, and because of variations in moisture and circumstances on-site, it’s essential to store it carefully before installation.

To ensure that our product remains in excellent condition throughout shipping, we wrap it in protective covering. To minimise damage members, we suggest using webbing slings during loading and unloading. The product should be raised to the edge where it will be placed in its final position.


What NOT to do?

❌ Shake, Drop or Drag

❌ Expose to moisture

❌ Leave unprotected during construction

❌ Pile on the ground without dunnage

❌ Wrap in any black or dark plastic


If glulam is partly exposed to sunshine and humidity, it might develop patchy discoloration. To avoid sweating, make sure no moisture is trapped within the plastic covering.

Glulam applies a temporary coating to glulam products before they leave for shipping purposes, but because this only lasts during the construction period, a new protective coating such as a fine stain or oil is required to maintain the glulam in good condition.

If the plastic wrapping is to be removed and the wood is to be exposed to the weather for an extended amount of time before installation, we suggest applying the additional protective layer at this time to minimise unexpected damage during construction.

Drilling or cutting on-site results in an unprotected exposed surface. When this arises, the uncovered surface should be treated right away to avoid moisture from penetrating into the timber.


Once the product is installed, make sure the entire good stain or oil is completely coated.

Reapply coating every 6 months to keep your glulam products looking new always. If the climate is too dry or damp, ensure that coatings are reapplied more regularly.

Scrub with warm water and a wood cleaning product to clean glulam. Reapply your trusted stain or oil when it has dried.


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