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Wooden Claddings in Raipur

Elevate Your Spaces with Exquisite Wooden Cladding in Raipur – Timeless Elegance Redefined with Our long-lasting Timber cladding with unbeatable aesthetics, durability, and sustainability

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Weathertex Weathergroove 150 9 | BeautexWood


Welcome to BeautexWood, where craftsmanship meets innovation, and your spaces transform into showcases of timeless elegance. Discover the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern design with our exceptional range of Wooden Cladding in Raipur. As the leading provider in the region, we take pride in offering not just wooden cladding but an experience that enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living or working spaces. Explore our curated collection and redefine the art of living with the warmth and sophistication that only genuine wooden cladding can bring. There is no such thing as the best, we agree, but there is the right choice for your style and budget. And our products, crafted with wood sourced across four continents for the best performance in Asian climatic conditions, are the perfect fit you have been looking for.

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Advantages of Choosing BeautexWood for Wooden Cladding in Raipur

Welcome to the realm of wooden cladding in Raipur, where sophistication marries durability. Our solutions not only enhance the visual allure of your property but also shield it from Raipur’s unique climatic conditions. Discover the resilience of weather-resistant wood cladding in Raipur, where style and strength converge.

  • Warranty up to 25 years
  • Largest timber cladding in the world
  • 100 % natural wood
  • Bendable up to 4 feet radius
  • Water and termite-resistant
  • Thermo treated
  • Exterior Grade
  • Responsibly harvested from managed forests

Our Wooden Cladding Product Range




Weathertex ticks all the boxes, it’s 100% natural, made from 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax. With its unique manufacturing process it is the only product of its kind in the world containing no added silica, glues, resins, or formaldehyde. It’s the ultimate natural cladding solution for anyone seeking sustainable building materials at no extra cost. Weathertex a better choice for you, your family, and the planet… naturally!

Selflok Ecogroove 150 Woodsman Natural - 2
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Selflok Weatherboard’s flat paneled appearance is a fresh alternative to traditional lapped planks. Selflok CodeMark accredited weatherboards have the simplest unique horizontal tongued groove flush system, which allows every board to self gauge. The precise routing gives the product a beautiful and unique profile that makes it the first choice for many.

Price Range – starts from 406/sq ft

| Dimensions: 3660mm x 1196mm | Thickness: 9.5mm |
| Weight per board: 10.6 kg | Weight/m2: 10kg | Bal Rating: 19 |

Weathertex 150 Primed
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The Weathergroove panel provides you with vertically grooved panels that are cost-effective and easy to install. Its universal edge allows you to flip and reuse offcuts making it the eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

Price Range – starts from 463/sq ft

| Dimensions: 3660mm x 1196mm | Thickness: 9.5mm |
| Weight per board: 43.7 kg | Weight/m2: 10kg | Bal Rating: 19 |

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EcoWall is one of the most durable, high impact and versatile types of panel available. The possibility of both vertical and horizontal express jointing lends flexibility to the pattern of your choice. Whether a modern architecturally designed home or a large commercial project, the decorative applications are unlimited

Price Range – starts from 248/sq ft

| Dimensions: 3660mm x 1196mm | Thickness: 9.5mm |
| Weight per board: max 43.7kg | Weight/m2: 10kg | Bal Rating: 19 |


Hardwood is sourced from deciduous and evergreen broad-leaved trees. As a general rule, hardwoods tend to be denser than softwoods, making them sturdier and more weather-resistant.

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Brazilian Ash, also known as Grapa, is a dense and naturally durable Brazilian timber. Its golden colour, fine grain and moderate cost make it an attractive alternative to more expensive hardwoods such as Teak or Ipe.

Price Range – starts from 469/sq ft

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Brazilian Walnut, often called Ipé, is a beautiful exotic wood from South America. Typically used for decking and other outdoor applications, ipe structures are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and weather. It is almost twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder

Price Range – starts from 669/sq ft


Softwoods are typically lighter in weight and have a lower density than hardwoods. Softwoods are known for their straight grain and uniform texture, making them easy to work with and finish. They are also more resistant to shrinkage, warping, and splitting than hardwoods. Examples of softwoods include pine, spruce, cedar, and fir.

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KD Spruce wood is dried in an oven (kiln) to dry the wood to the desired moisture content. It tends to have a high strength-to-weight ratio with relatively small, sound-tight knots. Because of its strength-to-weight ratio and its competitive pricing KD Spruce is often used in interior wall panelling

Price Range – starts from 194/sq ft


Thermowood is timber that has been treated with heat hence why it’s also called Heat treated Timber. It is a beautiful, sustainable timber material produced using chemical-free heat treatment

Thermo Pine by BeautexWood
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ThermoPine is produced by heat treating finish grown pine to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade. Due to the thermal treatment, pine has less warping caused by moisture, reduces water absorption, and improves the dimensional stability of the wood. The heat treatment increases the durability of thermopine by up to 15 years

Price Range – starts from 305/sq ft

ThermWood -Cladding 1
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Thermo Ash is produced by the thermo-treatment process. When complete, the process carmelizes the sugars in the wood which gives the ash a dark brown appearance through the wood. The process also allows the ash to become more water-resistant and decay-resistant.

Price Range – starts from 589/sq ft

Projects and Case Studies

Delve into the narrative of architectural metamorphosis through our portfolio of wooden cladding projects in Raipur. Traverse through case studies that chronicle the evolution of structures from traditional facades to captivating wooden-clad marvels. Immerse yourself in a visual odyssey that captures the allure of wooden louvers in Raipur.

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