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Wooden Claddings in Delhi

Welcome to the world of wooden cladding in Delhi, where elegance meets practicality. Discover how the synergy between nature and architecture transforms buildings into timeless masterpieces. Explore the seamless integration of wood into your property’s exterior, enhancing both aesthetics and insulation.

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Weathertex Weathergroove 150 9 | BeautexWood


Welcome to BeautexWood, Step into a realm of architectural innovation with our wooden cladding services in Delhi. From traditional to contemporary, our offerings cater to diverse design preferences. Witness the transformation as we seamlessly incorporate wooden wall coverings, turning your vision into reality.

Find out more about all the various options by browsing our product pages.

Advantages of Choosing BeautexWood for Wooden Cladding in Delhi

Embrace the art of wooden cladding in Delhi, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Our solutions not only elevate your property’s appearance but also offer protection against Delhi’s climatic variations. With a blend of style and resilience, experience the advantages of weather-resistant wood cladding in Delhi.

  • Warranty up to 25 years
  • Largest timber cladding in the world
  • 100 % natural wood
  • Bendable up to 4 feet radius
  • Water and termite-resistant
  • Thermo treated
  • Exterior Grade
  • Responsibly harvested from managed forests

Our Wooden Cladding Product Range Exclusively for Delhi

Weathertex meets all the criteria, being 100% natural and crafted from 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax. Its distinctive manufacturing process sets it apart globally, as it contains no added silica, glues, resins, or formaldehyde. This makes Weathertex the unparalleled natural cladding solution for those in search of sustainable building materials, and all of this comes at no additional expense. Choose Weathertex for a better option  for people who are looking for Wooden Cladding options in Delhi.

Selflok Ecogroove 150 Woodsman Natural - 2

The flat-panel look of Selflok Weatherboard offers a contemporary option compared to conventional lapped planks. Weatherboards with Selflok CodeMark accreditation feature a straightforward horizontal tongue-and-groove flush system, enabling each board to self-align. The precise routing creates a distinctive and attractive profile, making it a preferred choice for many.

Price Range – starts from 406/sq ft

| Dimensions: 3660mm x 1196mm | Thickness: 9.5mm |
| Weight per board: 10.6 kg | Weight/m2: 10kg | Bal Rating: 19 |

Weathertex 150 Primed

The Weathergroove panel offers vertically grooved panels that are both cost-effective and simple to install. Its versatile edge enables you to flip and reuse offcuts, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Price Range – starts from 463/sq ft

| Dimensions: 3660mm x 1196mm | Thickness: 9.5mm |
| Weight per board: 43.7 kg | Weight/m2: 10kg | Bal Rating: 19 |


EcoWall stands out as a highly durable, impact-resistant, and versatile panel option. The flexibility of incorporating both vertical and horizontal express jointing allows you to choose patterns according to your preference. Whether it’s for a modern architecturally designed home or a sizable commercial project, the decorative possibilities are limitless.

Price Range – starts from 248/sq ft

| Dimensions: 3660mm x 1196mm | Thickness: 9.5mm |
| Weight per board: max 43.7kg | Weight/m2: 10kg | Bal Rating: 19 |


Hardwood is obtained from both deciduous and evergreen broad-leaved trees. Typically, hardwoods are denser compared to softwoods, providing greater strength and resistance to weathering.


Brazilian Ash, also recognized as Grapa, is a dense and naturally durable timber native to Brazil. Its appealing golden hue, fine grain, and reasonable cost make it an attractive substitute for pricier hardwoods like Teak or Ipe.

Price Range – starts from 469/sq ft

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Walnut, commonly known as Ipé, is a stunning exotic wood originating from South America. Frequently employed for decking and various outdoor purposes, ipe structures exhibit exceptional hardness, strength, and inherent resistance to rot, abrasion, and weathering. It boasts nearly twice the density of most woods and is up to five times harder.

Price Range – starts from 669/sq ft


Softwoods generally weigh less and have lower density compared to hardwoods. They are recognized for their straight grain and consistent texture, making them easy to handle and finish. Softwoods also exhibit greater resistance to shrinkage, warping, and splitting when compared to hardwoods. Examples of softwoods include pine, spruce, cedar, and fir.


KD (kiln-dried) Spruce wood undergoes drying in an oven to achieve the desired moisture content. It typically possesses a high strength-to-weight ratio and features relatively small, tight knots. Due to its favorable strength-to-weight ratio and cost-effectiveness, KD Spruce is frequently employed in interior wall paneling.

Price Range – starts from 469/sq ft


Thermowood refers to timber that has undergone heat treatment, which is why it is also known as Heat Treated Timber. This attractive and sustainable timber material is produced through a chemical-free heat treatment process.

Thermo Pine by BeautexWood

ThermoPine is created through the process of heat treating mature pine to temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Celsius. This thermal treatment reduces warping due to moisture, minimizes water absorption, and enhances the dimensional stability of the wood. The heat treatment also extends the durability of ThermoPine by up to 15 years.

Price Range – starts from 305/sq ft

ThermWood -Cladding 1

Thermo Ash is created through a thermo-treatment process. Upon completion, this process caramelizes the sugars in the wood, imparting a dark brown hue throughout the ash. Additionally, the treatment enhances the water resistance and decay resistance of the ash.

Price Range – starts from 589/sq ft

Projects and Case Studies

Explore the impact of wooden cladding in Delhi through our portfolio. Our case studies narrate the story of how we’ve redefined spaces, infusing them with the charm of wood. Immerse yourself in a visual journey that showcases the versatility of wooden cladding designs in Delhi.

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