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5 Reasons to Bring Louvres Into Your Home

Wooden louvers are quickly picking up on popularity and for good reason. This simple and age old method of dressing up your windows can elevate your aesthetic game tenfold while keeping you safe from the harsh sun rays. 

Louvers brighten up your living space and create a depth to it that isn’t always possible otherwise. Just a touch of these (mostly!) is enough to modulate natural light in your house and add an aesthetic stimulus to your decor. 

Okay but the reasons don’t just end here. Let’s look at a few more to convert you into a true louver aficionado!

1. Wooden Louvers for privacy.

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Want to keep in touch with nature without compromising on your privacy? Enter wooden louvers to the rescue. Yeah, there are countless options today to achieve something similar but none can do what louvers can. Apart from defining the flow of natural elements into your home, wooden louvers can create a semi-open space that acts as a barrier according to your convenience.

2. Wooden Louvers make for great facades.

Wooden facade: Modern house design by SAOTA - Architecture Beast

Aren’t those the same thing?, you might ask. And we would gasp with disbelief! Because no, absolutely not. But yes, similar enough in function to be mounded easily as per your creative vision. Wooden louvers can be easily interpreted in a unique way to create a dynamic facade design to define and elevate your property’s exterior.

3. Wooden Louvers – Your Window To The World.

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No, but seriously. Why not?

Why not ditch the boring, regular styled windows and replace them with wooden louvers to add a quick style statement to your house? 

Choose to experiment a bit with it and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Wooden louvers add a touch of charm to all types of decor, no matter if you are a minimalistic person or like to go all out. There’s a type of wooden louver for your house out there, trust us on that.

4. Roof it up with Wooden Louvers

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Oh, you thought these pretty wooden marvels are just for vertical use? Think again. There’s no better way to showcase your architectural and aesthetic supremacy than with a cover for your courtyard, or even for a pergola. It’d cover you from sun, rain, offer shade with just the right amount of light peeping in, and keep you in touch with nature, no matter the time of the day. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention the best part? When opened, you get to track the movement of the sun throughout the day with these wooden louvers painting interesting shadows on your floor. How cool is that! 

5. Who needs walls? 

when you can have wooden louvers instead? Okay, maybe not for the whole house but they can be carefully positioned at the entry of your backyard or on the first floor balcony as a cover. This way, beating the heat this summer would become a breeze, literally, with all the cross-flow of fresh air throughout your house. 

See, didn’t we warn you we’d convert you into a true wooden louver lover! Now it’s your turn to get your mind running and think of ways you can incorporate the extreme aesthetics and practical wooden louvers into your own home. 

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