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(Private Villa)

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Sep 2021

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    Pune (Private Villa)

    Located in a quiet society with narrow lanes, and spanning over 4000+ square feet, this Private Villa is a dramatic interplay of light, chic modern minimalism, and tastefully repurposed natural building materials.

    Louvres & Privacy Screens were a great option to increase a home’s energy efficiency. They also make a stylish addition to the exterior of this residential architecture and give occupants the flexibility to enjoy the weather or take cover when needed.

    Timber Solutions – Glulam

    Privacy Screens – Weathertex

    Louvers –  Thermowood

    BeautexWood uses Thermowood louvers which is a natural, non-toxic product that requires effortless installation. It is a long-lasting and viable material for facades, and sun blinds. It is also best suited for saunas due to its 100% latex-free timber medium.

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    As with most materials, ThermoWood is unable to resist the effects of ultra violet radiation. As a result, over a fairly short period of time when exposed to direct sunlight, the colour changes from the original brown appearance to a grey weathered colour. In addition the ultra violet radiation can cause small surface shakes to occur. Natural effects of rain and sun will cause some early wood to be removed from the surface, especially on un-coated boards, this occurs with all wood material over time. It is highly recommended to apply a pigment based surface protection to prevent colour changes and other natural effects of the weather,

    ThermoWood is a natural wood product without any chemicals addi-tives. ThermoWood waste can be handled as with any other untreated wood waste. The material is bio-degradable and can be disposed of at the end of its service life by either burning or placing into the normal waste system.

    In most cases energy needed for the ThermoWood process is produced by burning bark and wood waste. Additional energy is provided with solutions such as natural gas. Energy is needed mainly for drying, which accounts for 80 percent of the heat energy used. The production of ThermoWood consumes about the same amount of electricity as is used in normal kiln drying of sawn timber.

    Standard tests (EN 113, ENV 807) made in laboratory conditions have proven a significant improvement in biological durability. Improvements in biological durability are a result of the removal of natural food sources in the wood and also changes in the chemical and structural composition. Levels of resistance to fungal decay increase as higher temperatures are used. ThermoWood is recommended to be used in hazard classes 1 to 3 in accordance with EN-335-1 without the need for any further chemical protection. The treatment is throughout the wood piece and is not subject to leaching problems.

    The density is measured by measuring the weight and the dimensions of the sample. The unit of density is kg/m3. The ThermoWood process reduces the density by about 10 % on average.

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