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(Modi Yoga Retreat)

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Sep 2018

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Glulam Beams

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    Rishkesh (Modi Yoga Retreat)

    India’s First Parametric Timber Facade and our very first too, this mid-sized upscale chic hotel sits on the banks of the River Ganga. Torrential Rains, sudden temperature drops, and unviable working conditions put our teams through some testing times.

    The 5-meter Glulam beams were designed, 3D routered through the latest CNC machines, and installed like a jigsaw puzzle on site. What stands is one of our all-time favourite projects with a combination of materials like Glulam Beams, Weathertex Cladding, and Thermowood Rafters.

    Timber Solutions: Weathertex and Glulam Louvers

    Privacy Screens – Weathertex

    BeautexWood uses Glulam to bring luxury and perfection to it’s best.

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    Weathertex is the world’s largest cladding material with a dimension of 9.5 x 1196 x 3660 mm.

    For a simple beam, spanning between supports, glulam is often cheaper than steel. There is often also a saving due to the ease with which you can fix joist hangers, etc. to the beams, and the fact that you don’t need to box the glulam in as you would do with steel

    Where steel distorts in high temperature the surface of timber will char at a known and predictable rate. This means glulam can be designed to have a certain time of fire resistance without the need to apply any further materials, whereas steel would need to be boxed in or have an intumescent paint.

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