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(Tripathi Residence)

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Wooden Floor





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    Pune (Tripathi Residence)

    This Pune project called upon our bespoke wood-working skills. 18 Feet long planks were hand sculpted especially for the client to cover the whole floor. The matt lacquer surface of the wide planks made this flooring a real show-stopper in the field of unique living space design.

    An all-round lamella and top layer impregnation provided reliable swelling protection. What’s more, the flooring remains dimensionally stable and gives a pleasant walking sensation that is warm underfoot.

    Flooring – Oversized Handcrafted Natural Wood Floor

    BeautexWood used Handcrafted Wooden Flooring as its natural color variation adds a luxurious factor to your architecture. It’s combined with unmatched durability and beautiful designs that transformed the interior into something spectacular.

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    Questions? About Wooden Flooring

    Wooden floors have been used in India for centuries, in palaces and places of worship. Since timber has very low thermal conductivity, it is ideal for cold as well as warm climates.

    Wooden floors are made out of natural wood and as the name implies, it is made by nature. Even different trees of the same species of timber will have a slightly different colour and grain pattern. So this variation in colour is not a defect but a unique character of wooden flooring.

    Wooden floors are one of the easiest to maintain due to its flexible nature. It is easy to remove dust and small particles like human hair from wooden floors.

    A well-installed wooden floor is one of the most durable types of flooring you can have. A hardwood floor gets its strength from the fibrous nature of the wood. It can take a good knocking and never cracks or breaks. Moreover, renovating a hardwood floor is comparatively simple and can be done several times.

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