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(Dynamix group - Portable cabins)

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    Mumbai (Dynamix group – Portable cabins)

    The Dynamix Group’s commercial project in Mumbai involved the use of Weathertex V 150 Groove wooden cladding for cladding portable cabins. This choice of material was driven by Weathertex’s reputation for durability and aesthetic appeal. The V 150 Groove profile added a unique texture to the portable cabins, contributing to both functionality and visual appeal.

    Located in the bustling city of Mumbai, this commercial project exemplifies the practical application of Weathertex Cladding in enhancing the durability and aesthetics of portable cabins.

    Cladding  РWeathertex Vgroove 150 Natural

    BeautexWood uses Weathertex as its durable and long-lasting enough to withstand an external cladding requirement that can be both functional and aesthetic.

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    Questions? About Wooden Cladding for Portable Cabins

    We selected Weathertex V 150 Groove for its renowned durability and aesthetic appeal, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal of the portable cabins.

    The V 150 Groove profile adds a distinctive texture to the portable cabins, contributing to their unique visual and tactile appeal.

    Weathertex Cladding enhances durability by providing a robust protective layer against weather elements, making it particularly suitable for the demanding conditions in Mumbai.

    Yes, Weathertex V 150 Groove cladding can be applied to portable cabins in various locations, offering durability and aesthetic benefits beyond the specific project in Mumbai.

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