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(Gupta Residence)

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    Kolkata (Gupta Residence )

    This private residence stands tall, proud, and undeterred amidst the hustle of Kolkata. Beaming at its surroundings with a luxurious gleam, this property seems to realize its own worth in gold as BeautexWood elevates the exterior of this gorgeous place with Weathertex EcoWall Natural.

    The outdoors of this property got an elegant makeover with the Pergola, built using Beautexwood’s ingenious products, that the architect so meticulously focused on.

    Timber Solutions- Weathertex

    BeautexWood uses Weathertex as its durable and long-lasting enough to withstandan external cladding requirement that can be both functional and aesthetic.

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    Questions? About Weathertex

    Yes, but additional studs and / or nogging must be provided. Because the maximum permitted distance between fixings is 600mm, the stud spacing for weatherboards at 450mm to horizontal must not exceed 450mm, and the stud spacing for weatherboards at 600mm to horizontal must not exceed 300mm. The positioning and number of nails and screws should be as shown in the Installation Guide and breather type sarking must be used. Particular attention should be given to the detail of flashing at intersection with windows, doors etc. to prevent water ingress.

    Installing Weathertex onto a steel frame is generally similar to installing Weathertex on a timber frame. Weathertex supports both frame types.

    All Weathertex Weatherboards and Architectural Panels are 9.5mm thick. Note: due to the manufacturing process Weathertex products cannot be made to measure.

    Weathertex has similar properties to most natural wood products. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available in accordance with Worksafe Australia Guidelines and the following statement is made in the MSDS. Weathertex is a reconstituted wood product made from wood, and wax. Exposure to wood dust may cause irritation to the eyes, respiratory system and skin, and may cause sensitisation by inhalation resulting in asthma, and by skin contact resulting in dermatitis. In addition, inhalation of wood dust may cause cancer. Worksafe Australia has established Exposure Standards for wood dust, based on the known health effects. Levels of wood dust must be kept below these Exposure Standards.

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