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(Jubilee Hill Dubbing Studio)

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    Hyderabad (Jubilee Hill Dubbing Studio)

    This Sound Mastering Studio’s liberal use of Vgroove 150 Primed ensures that no sound leaks put of the property, maintaining the neighborhood’s peace. Weathertex is extremely sound-absorbent, making it the perfect choice for a project like this.

    Covering its exterior completely, the white wooden claddings provided this property with a fresh look, perfectly accentuated by its open surroundings. The characteristic wood grain effect and unique profile adds yet another layer of a natural charm to it. The rough, deep cut pattern shows all the knots and imperfections of natural timber with an uneven texture finish.

    Timber Solution – Weathertex Vgroove 150 Primed

    BeautexWood used Weathertex as its durable and long-lasting enough to withstand external cladding requirement that can be both functional and aesthetic.

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    Questions? About Weathertex

    Weathertex currently provides a warranty that protects against a variety of conditions including (but not exclusive of) the product supplied will be fit for purpose, and will not rot, split or crack. In addition to this, Weathertex is warranted against termite attacks provided the following conditions are adhered to –

    1. A termite mitigation plan must be in place and maintained from the time that the Weathertex is installed and for the life of the product.

    2. Provided that the plan and its maintenance can be demonstrated then the normal Weathertex 25-year warranty at the time of purchase will apply.

    Please Note: Weathertex should not be used in contact with the ground. Our fixing instructions state that there should be at least 150mm clearance between the bottom edge of Weathertex and paved surfaces which are exposed to the weather and at least 225mm clearance to the unprotected ground. For further information please refer to Weathertex and Termites Fact Sheet.

    All Weathertex Weatherboards and Architectural Panels are 9.5mm thick. Note: due to the manufacturing process Weathertex products cannot be made to measure.

    To view the Weathertex product range you can browse Weathertex in menu bar. Contact us for your nearest store to view a Weathertex display board.

    Due to privacy we are unable to provide locations as to where finished Weathertex homes are located. To view Weathertex homes you can browse Weathertex and our Project gallery.

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