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    Faridabad (Private Villa)

    This exterior aesthetic of this Faridabad project relied upon the clean, minimalistic look for emphasis. The exclusive use of Weathertex Eco groove 150 Natural on the property created a well-balanced contrast between the natural, dark color of the claddings and the light background of the building.

    Falling in the Northern region, Faridabad is prone to excessively high temperatures during the summers and the monsoon is unforgiving as well. The client still decided to go with our wooden claddings for their property, which, in itself, speaks very highly of the extreme durability and weather-resistance of the product.

    Timber Structure – Weathertex EcoWall and Glulam

    BeautexWood used Weathertex as its durable and long-lasting enough to withstand external cladding requirement that can be both functional and aesthetic.

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    Questions? About Weathertex

    To view the Weathertex product range you can browse Weathertex in menu bar. Contact us for your nearest store to view a Weathertex display board.

    Weathertex can be used as an external wall cladding in bushfire attack levels up to including BAL 19 construction.

    Weathertex have a better than zero carbon foot print. There is more carbon sequestered in Weathertex than that emitted during the manufacture of the product itself. Even the water used for the production is recycled upto 7 times to maintain the water table of the area.

    When looking at strength to weight ratio, glulam is actually around 3 times stronger than steel! Steel does have a much higher allowable stress, so steel members tend to be smaller than the equivalent glulam member, but the glulam is usually lighter.

    Please refer to our load span tables or talk to one of our engineers if you want to calculate a size.

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