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    Dubai (AWR Resort)

    The AWR Resort project in Dubai, completed in 2018, showcases the utilization of Weathertex Cladding in enhancing the design and functionality of its hospitality space. Specifically, the project features Weathertex Cladding and screens applied to a mild steel (MS) pergola. This strategic use of materials not only contributes to the resort’s aesthetic appeal but also provides durability and weather resistance.

    The incorporation of Weathertex Cladding and screens demonstrates a commitment to both form and function, creating an inviting and resilient outdoor environment for the AWR Resort in the vibrant city of Dubai.

    Claddings – Weathertex EcoWall Natural

    Application – Pergola wrapped with Weathertex EcoWall and screens

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    The AWR Resort in Dubai prominently featured Weathertex EcoWall Natural as the key cladding material, highlighting its suitability for hospitality spaces.

    • Weathertex EcoWall Natural: The project utilized Weathertex’s sustainable and eco-friendly cladding, emphasizing a commitment to both aesthetic and environmental considerations.
    • Natural Appearance: Weathertex EcoWall Natural’s natural finish contributed to the resort’s overall design, creating a harmonious blend with the surroundings.
    • Durability: The choice of Weathertex EcoWall Natural ensured the longevity and resilience required for a high-traffic hospitality environment.

    In the AWR Resort project, Weathertex Cladding was strategically applied to a mild steel (MS) pergola, showcasing a thoughtful integration for both visual appeal and functional benefits.

    • Pergola Enhancement: Weathertex Cladding was used to wrap the mild steel pergola, elevating its appearance and adding a layer of sophistication to the outdoor space.
    • Screens Integration: Weathertex screens were incorporated into the design, providing not only aesthetic value but also serving functional purposes, such as privacy and shade.
    • Seamless Design: The integration of Weathertex Cladding with the pergola and screens created a seamless and cohesive look for the resort’s outdoor area.

    The AWR Resort in Dubai benefitted significantly from the application of Weathertex EcoWall Natural, enhancing both design aesthetics and practical aspects of the project.

    • Aesthetic Appeal: Weathertex EcoWall Natural contributed to the resort’s visual appeal, providing a warm and inviting ambiance for guests.
    • Weather Resistance: The cladding’s weather-resistant properties ensured the pergola and screens maintained their integrity in Dubai’s challenging climate.
    • Sustainability Focus: The choice of Weathertex EcoWall Natural aligned with sustainability goals, reflecting the resort’s commitment to environmentally conscious building practices.

    Weathertex Cladding played a pivotal role in enhancing the durability of the AWR Resort project, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient structure in Dubai’s dynamic environment.

    • Weather Protection: The cladding acted as a protective barrier, shielding the pergola and screens from harsh weather conditions, including intense sunlight and occasional sandstorms.
    • Material Strength: Weathertex’s robust composition added structural strength to the pergola, contributing to its ability to withstand external pressures.
    • Low Maintenance: The durability of Weathertex Cladding translated into lower maintenance requirements, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the resort.

    The AWR Resort project in Dubai serves as a testament to the successful fusion of form and function through the incorporation of Weathertex Cladding.

    • Aesthetic Elegance: Weathertex Cladding enhanced the resort’s aesthetic elegance, contributing to a visually pleasing and inviting atmosphere.
    • Functional Purpose: Beyond aesthetics, the cladding and screens served functional purposes, offering privacy, shade, and weather protection to the resort’s outdoor spaces.
    • Holistic Design Approach: The integration of Weathertex Cladding exemplifies a holistic design approach, where every element serves a dual purpose of enhancing aesthetics and ensuring practical functionality.
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