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(Classic Marble)

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Sep 2019



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    Silvasa (Classic Marble)

    Designed by industry veterans for the seasoned market leaders, we take immense pride in boasting of such projects when colleagues from the construction industry believe in us.

    A short drive from Mumbai, this marvelous Marble factory has a beautiful warm side that is unmissable. Make sure to visit the guests’ lounge area as well the next time you are there.

    Cladding – Weathertex

    Louvers  –  Thermwood

    BeautexWood  uses  Glulam to bring luxury and perfection to it’s best.

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    Questions? About Weathertex

    Weathertex guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for 25 years. It is tested any proven to withhold heavy rains and high temperature for over 50 years.

    No, After the heat treatment the moisture balance level and the swelling of wood decreases and it makes the wood resistant to fungal attack.

    Weathertex is the first product to receive Global GreenTag Platinum and Gold certificates. Is it also certified by PEFC, CodeMark, BRANZ Appraisal and ISO 9001.

    Its wide range of advantageous qualities enable the material to be used for both exterior and interior purposes. Its high resistance to moisture and decay make it an excellent material for exterior projects.

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