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Let us help you through the process of finding the right flooring for your living space



It is essential to comprehend that, despite our initial experience with space being visual, the actual physical contact a person will have in a room will be with the flooring. The texture of flooring will have a direct influence on our mind.

Good quality flooring improves your home’s interior decor, while also improving your way of life. Since flooring is a permanent component of your home, choosing high-quality flooring is extremely important.

Your home should be a place where you can unwind, be yourself, and appreciate the grain of wood. This is the principle underlying the design of our wooden floors at Beautex Wood. We have always valued the look of the floor as much as its ability to withstand daily use. And besides, what good is a magnificent wood flooring if it doesn’t retain the same way over time!!

It’s necessary to select the ideal flooring from the start because the wrong floors can cost more money to repair, if required. The floor has a big impact on the look and appearance of a home. Flooring may instantly transform the appearance of your home, making it appear more comfortable, warm, pleasant, cozy, luxurious, elegant and what not.

Beautex Wooden Flooring floors come in a variety of textures, shapes and shades. Discover a diverse selection of woods and appealing surface effects.

  • Traffic Appropriate

High-traffic spaces will require more regular cleaning and may wear out sooner. Our flooring material is possibly the simplest to maintain and will sustain for a long time.

  • Variety of Designs

Flooring alternatives have never been greater, thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing, with a wide range of hues, patterns, and textures in every material.

  • Long-lasting and extremely durable

Create the iconic appearance of hardwood or even stone flooring, but at a reduced expense and without the need for frequent maintenance and care.

  • Synonym of Comfort 

The wooden flooring is adaptable to different types and comes in a variety of colours that fulfill a good result with better strength and less care.

  • Adds to the charm and beauty of your space

You don’t have to devote a lot of effort and money to maintaining your wood floors. Flooring is a major attribute of the home, and it also serves to increase the market worth of your property. It imparts depth and character to your home while also brightening it overall.



For consumers who are looking for a quick upgrade, laminate flooring will be best choice. With minimal preparation, the new floor can be installed quickly.


Nothing gives a space that warm, comfortable feeling quite like a beautiful wood floor. Sustainably Sourced Wood. Decades of Experience.


It lets you transform the look of your tired resilient floors at half the cost of replacing with new and with far less downtime.


Floor purchasing made easy.

Considered the most exciting new floor covering product of the industry, SPC Rigid Core flooring is the flooring of the new generation.  It is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a virtually carefree product.  The SPC Rigid Core flooring is also pet friendly and can be installed in all the wet areas in the house.

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